Nutritional update – cheese and cholesterol

Here is the first of those nutritional update emails I mentioned before and it was sparked by a lot of debate in the office about cheese and cholesterol.

Firstly cheese (I’ve included photos for an extract from the book I’m reading at the moment – The Raw Cure by Jesse J Jacoby for the full info) but bottom line is – cheese is addictive – due to the protein casein in it having the same effect as opiates. By eating cheese you are supporting the dairy industry killing innocent calves and lambs for their stomach enzyme rennet. We can’t use adults animals enzymes as they don’t have the ability to digest milk – another reason why us humans are not designed to digest it either! You are also likely to be getting a good dose of poisonous aluminium in your creamy cheese which can cause brain cancer, autism and Alzheimer’s disease. I didn’t want to alarm my team too much, in particular the lovely Sonia and her catastrophic chimp. But lots of people say “oh, but I could never give up cheese” so sometimes maybe the slightly more shocking information is needed.  


For Cholesterol – there is a great article here: and again the bottom line is that “bad” fat and cholesterol are as bad for you as ever. The products that harbour them—meat, dairy products, and eggs—are best left off your plate. People following plant-based diets have healthier body weight, better cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and much less risk of diabetes.

As I said in my email to my team and it’s also the purpose of this blog, I don’t want to try to force anyone to change how they eat. I just want to share what I have learnt and if I can help anyone interested get the same benefits I have from changing my diet, then I’m very happy to do so.


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