Easter Sweet Potato chocolate brownies!

As its Easter I wanted to make something a bit special and of course chocolatey too! I’m a big fan of Ella Woodward and her blog: http://deliciouslyella.com/, app and cookbook – Deliciously Ella. I’ve been eying up this recipe for a while and decided now was the perfect time to make sweet potato brownies. You can see Ella’s recipe for them here: http://bit.ly/1vVsWeZ. But as always when I bake I make slight changes and here are the two variations I have baked so far:

Deliciously Ella sweet pot brownies

1st variation – gives them a bit more crunch and colour:

  • All of Ella’s recipe and add a large handful of cocao nibs and gogi berries

2nd variation – keeps the added crunch without the need for cacao nibs and also makes them nice and gooey with a yummy banana taste coming through:my sweet pot brownies

  • Sweet potatoes, brown rice flour and raw cacao powder remain the same as Ella’s recipe
  • Only 7-8 medjool dates rather than the original 14
  • 80g crushed nuts rather than ground almonds (the crunch)
  • 1 banana (mushed into the creamy sweet potato and date mix)
  • Handful of raisins

When I made the first variation I was at home and had raw cacao powder, however I made the second variation at my parents’ house and mummy only had cocoa powder so had to double the amount (as Ella recommends) to get the same chocolate flavour. Found that doing this I had to add a few extra tablespoons of maple syrup or a bit of rice milk to get the mixture gooey enough.

Both variations were delicious and this is what I love so much about vegan cooking, you can basically add whatever fruit/nut combination to like/have in your cupboards and still make something delicious. Can thoroughly recommend you make some of these and maybe even your own variation.


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