Milk – I’d rather not have pus cells in mine!

There is such a wide range of delicious non-dairy milks that I don’t miss dairy milk at all. I just wish I’d stopped drinking dairy sooner. Especially when I found out that in the UK milk can legally contain up to 400,000 million somatic (pus) cells per litre. You think its ok because you only have a tiny bit in your morning tea? Well even just one teaspoonful could legally have two million pus cells! Find out more here.

milk pus

To explain this a bit more, somatic cells include white blood cells and skin cells which are normally shed from the lining of the udder when a cow has a painful inflammation of the mammary glands, or mastitis. This is so common in cows raised for milk that a milks somatic cell count (SCC) are checked to determine if the milk is infected. The SCC of healthy milk is below 100,000 cells per millilitre; however, the dairy industry is allowed to combine milk from all the cows in a herd in order to arrive at a “bulk tank” somatic cell count (BTSCC). Milk with a maximum BTSCC of 750,000 cells per millilitre can be sold. A BTSCC of 700,000 or more generally indicates that two-thirds of the cows in the herd are suffering from udder infections. You can read more here. On top of all that, choosing diary free options meaning helping to stop the suffering that dairy cows suffer:

peta dairy

You might and hopefully are now asking – so what non-dairy milks can I get? I like to get a nice range so I can mix it up and enjoy a new taste in my smoothies and chia seed pudding’s each week. My favourite are:

all milks

If you just like drinking milk or think you couldn’t give up flavoured milk shakes, you can get non-dairy milks in even more delicious flavours such as coffee, chocolate, chia and green tea from Chi and Rebel Kitchen! chi and rebel kitchen milks

2 thoughts on “Milk – I’d rather not have pus cells in mine!

  1. good article. im just having bit of a problem to buy plan based milk replacement in a shop. basically i dont eat added sugar or grain products. i am most part paleo and started skipping dairy recently. so i got soy milk finally, only from whole range that wasnt made from grain product or didnt have added sugar. there is still a problem with it tho. since paleo recommends not to consume beans, but soy is technially a bean, so im not sure where I stand with this milk. might not drink it after all..


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