T– 1 month to the Taekwondo World Championships in Bulgaria

With just over a month until I fly out to the Taekwondo World Championships, my training programme is reaching its last intense phase for the final push.

Over the last few months there have been lots of competitions, including the Welsh Open on the 30th May, the British Championships on the 27th June and the London Open on the 12th July. It’s been great to get back on the mats so much and be able to practise techniques I have been working on in a competitive environment. Oh and bring back a few medals! It was all go go go and I loved it. However, with all the day to day TKD training alongside the strength and conditioning sessions my body hadn’t had much of a rest over the past few months.


So while my amazing wholistic therapist, Sylvia Sobota at Nurture Your Body ensured my mind and body was in top form, she also advised I should take a bit of a rest/active recovery week (as if left to my own devices I tend to forget resting and recovering is just as important as training!) I took the week after the London Open off and just had an easy week of training. Which meant lie in’s in the morning and just doing the technical TKD sessions and technical footwork PT sessions. When I couldn’t cope with sitting still I went and did a bit of cross training, which involved me getting a bit lost on a bike ride.


On Sunday 19th it was squad training and that marked the start of the final phase of my training programme. The training sessions at Thames Valley TKD remain as before, with me putting in extra hours working on my patterns and footwork.


I’m sure my neighbours must think I’m mad as they watch me practising patterns in my driveway, shifting up and down a ladder or swinging a kettlebell about (I do try to do that as far away from their and my car as possible!)

driveway workout

Also continuing to drill combinations in my great PT sessions with James Dilley, as indeed practise makes perfect! The biggest difference in this phase is it’s a lot more explosive. So hills sprints are back on the programme (though my glutes did protest quite a lot for a few days after!).

hill sprints

Any gym classes I go to are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style especially the GRIT classes where the great instructors Marty and Tom make sure I push myself every second. The new releases are out and I’ve done the cardio and plyo sessions so far and both have resulted in me finishing the class in a puddle of sweat and a max heart rate over 180!

GRIT classes GRIT plyo

It’s now two shorter PT sessions a week with Marty at Nuffield Health as wanted to keep the padwork and footwork session in and have added an explosive weights session, involving deadlifts, snatches, clean & jerks and lots of box jumps. To try and keep some balance in the schedule, when possible around meetings at work, I also nip down to the gym at lunch to do a yoga and body balance class to give my muscles a good stretch. Also not forgetting the very important rest day! So all in all my schedule looks like this:


The first week of it has been tough and there have been some bruises and very sore muscles. But thanks to the magical Rocktape and Epsom salt baths with plenty of Better You magnesium flakes, its been all good. I’m also loving my new body lotion and body butter.

bruisemagnesium and rocktape better you products

But it really has been a case of this as I know I’m giving it my all!

sore msucles happy pain

Of course nutrition has been paramount. As without putting the best possible fuel into my body, there is no way I could expect it to work to the best of its ability and keep up with the programme! Thanks to Veganicity, I’m getting all the high quality vitamins and minerals in that I need.


The amount of fruit I’m going through is quite impressive and the fruit table has had to have the extension out.


Thanks to Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury I’ve got all the superfoods I could dream of going into my green smoothies, ensuring a great start to each day for breakfast alongside my overnight oats with goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

indigo herbs IGofGbreakfast

As every session is often a very sweaty one, I’m continuing to guzzle down water and am very thankful to Nuun for their delicious electrolyte tabs to ensure I replace all the electrolytes I’m losing to ensure I’m fully hydrated and can keep working hard.

sweaty sessions

It’s been tough but I’m a firm believer of

challenge and change

As well as

mind and body

So have been ensuring I keep up my morning meditation sessions and need to add more visualising into my schedule as there is lots more to be done and I want to wear my favourite workout top proudly!



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