Great work of the Women’s Sports Trust and the #Thirty30WST challenge

I was privileged to be asked by Tim Cozze-Young and his wife Julie, to be involved in their great work with the Women Sport Trust and their #Thirty30WST challenge.

Womens sports trust logo

The aim of the trust to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport, through helping to:

  • Identify and promote a diverse range of role models
  • Increase the percentage and quality of women’s sport coverage across platforms
  • Find ways to shift the funding landscape for women’s sport.

You can read more here:

At the Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards in May 2015, Tim Cozze-Young (WST Trustee) and Julie publicly made a pledge committing themselves to a personal challenge that would help promote women’s sport and also raise funds for The Women’s Sport Trust.

The challenge was to attend and promote 30 women’s sports in 30 days, between 28 Aug and 27 Sept 2015, and hence support The Women’s Sport Trust’s mission to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport through promoting role models, increasing media coverage and improving funding.


This is where my role came in, as they had selected Taekwondo to be one of their 30 sports. Tim and Julie kindly came along to the Thursday evening training session at Thames Valley TKD in Rivermead Leisure Centre, met the instructors, students and watched the class.

me with Tim and Julie
Me with the lovely Tim and Julie.

You can read the full article they wrote about their experience here: and there is a short exert below:

Inclusive, global sport emphasises courtesy to others and self-discipline in behaviour

Within minutes of our arrival at the Thames Valley Taekwon-do Club’s training and sparring evening, the core tenents of the sport were visibly on display.

It’s a sport which develops highly polished skills, encourages courtesy and respect towards others, improved health and fitness, and strong sense of teamwork and group spirit.

From youngsters (starting at aged 5 and upwards) to medal-winning England Squad members such as Sam Taylor, every individual’s inner and outer confidence comes as a result of learning traditional patterns of movement, steady progress through a well-structured grading system. As well as from the commitment, experience and positive encouragement of coaches such as Master Andy Whiteley, former England Team Captain and Head Coach who, along with his coaching team and students, has built the Club to regularly be performing in the top 3 in the country.

Master Whiteley and I
Master Whiteley and I
Master Whiteley and I (a rare occasion where he lets me kick him!)
A rare occasion where he let me kick him!

I look forward to continuing to work with Tim, Julie and the Trust to try and raise the profile of women in sport and help to encourage more girls to get into sport and realise their potential. If they choose to get into Taekwondo then that’s a bonus! As I truly believe support and encouragement for everyone in sport and especially young girls is so essential. For example, if you had asked me at the beginning of this year what I would have achieved by September I would have been very unlikely to have said a handful of International medals! I would have said I wanted a handful of International medals but it is thanks to everyone that supports and encourages me, along with a good amount of tenacity and determination (which I luckily have always had lots of and have to thanks my parents for!) that has made it a reality!

The International medals I have achieved this year (silver at the Euros and two bronzes at the Worlds)
The International medals I have achieved this year (silver at the Euros and two bronzes at the Worlds)

I think this is fantastic cause and if you do too, please sponsor Tim and Julie on their challenge here: and you follow the rest of their challenges on Twitter: @CozzeJ @TimCozYou #Thirty30WST


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