UK ITF National welter-weight sparring Champion!

On the 24th October, I went over to K2 in Crawley to compete in the UK ITF UK Championships.

UK ITF champs 24.10

It was an early start to get there for the 8am weigh ins. I was competiting in the -60kg welter-weight division. Once we found out where we had to go, the weigh in was fairly quick and we were given tags with our details on and numbers to stick onto our doboks.


My first priority was to drink and eat something and my lemon water and porridge tasted so good! The schedule said adults wouldn’t be on until after lunch so there was no rush to get changed. Once the competition kicked off with the kiddies, I went to get changed and run through a few patterns to loosen off a bit.

There were a lot of competitiors, with people from across the whole of the UK and a few from close by countires such as the Netherlands. This did mean it was a long day and at about mid afternoon my patterns division was called up. I didn’t get placed, but it was another good practise to run through my new 2nd patterns.

IMG_3667 IMG_3693

At around 6pm they called up our sparring division. This organisation have no two punch rule and I had been watching the other competitors throughout the day and the girls in particular were using a lot more hands and really gettting stuck in. So I knew the competition would be tough. But them I’m tough too…….

0O5A5023 0O5A5067 0O5A5230

….and went through the rounds undefeated to win the gold!

gold medal


Thank you again to Kerry and Neil for taking amazing photos!


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