UK Open National Champion

On Saturday 31st October, I went along to Guildford Spectrum to compete in the UK Open National Championships.

UK Open

It was only black belts competing as the colour belts were on Sunday. So things kicked of slightly earlier being on for patterns before lunch. This was my third time competing in the 2nd Dan patterns division and the practise has paid off as I won silver. Still lots more room for improvement though.

Late afternoon and all the adult females we were back on for our sparring division’s. I had a tough first round against a girl I had never fought before who really liked coming forward and putting the pressure on. Second round went better as I was more prepared and able to pick her off easier. Then made my way through the final to become the 2015 UK Open Champion.

UKopen1 UKopen3 UKopen4 UKopen5 UKopen6 UKopen7

Finally there was the breaking division. I qualified with the elbow strike, but then was off target with a few of the other breaks, only breaking on the back kick. So didn’t earn myself enough points to medal. Another element that just needs more practise and for maybe my feet to not be so broken before I even start breaking boards!

I was happy to end the day with a silver and gold medal and headed home to my parents for a delicious home cooked meal including raw vegan key lime pie for pudding!

UKopen me


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