Lush & animal love!

Being plantbased is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I began looking at the food I ate, but then started looking at other products I use. One of the first being those in my bathroom. I had often treated myself to the odd bath bomb from Lush, but hasn’t looked at everything they else they had to offer. Their products are amazing and they create them in an ethical way that doesn’t involve animal testing. They are now in the fourth year of their Lush prize supporting animal-free testing, which shows how dedicated they are.

lush prize


My bathroom is full of Lush products and I daily use:

  • Daddy-O shampoo with fresh organic lemon and seaweed infusion., organic lime juice, violet leaf and bergamot oil.
  • Veganese conditioner with lavender flour, rosemary, agar agar gel and lemon oil.
  • Ocean salt face and body scrub with grapefruit infusion, limes extracted in vodka, avocado butter and coconut oil.
  • Until recently I have been using Grass shower gel as it just smells so amazing and wakes me up, but I have run out and it’s been discontinued :-(, so I’m using Yuzu and cocoa shower cream instead. As after the best smell in the world that is fresh cut grass, chocolate orange comes in a close second!


I luckily have a tiny bit of grass shower gel in my gym kit bag supplies so that’s my treat for every gym session I get up extra early for! Really hope they make some in the Lush Kitchen!

For now the Grass Bubble bar will do!

grass bubble bar

As I said, I’ve tried quite a few of their bath bombs and they are all amazing. Love the smell of the avobath one and the intergalactic one made the bath look amazing!

Avobath & Dragons egg bath ballistics, stepping stone foot scrub and cinammon massage bar

The pounding that my feet and muscles take most training sessions means I also love their stepping stone foot scrub (which while writing this I have also found has been discontinued, so will have to find a new replacement aka another excuse to visit their delicious smelling shop!) and their wiccy magic muscle massage bar with it’s warming blend of cinnamon and peppermint oils helps my muscles recover for the next session!

My hair is fairly blonde and has recently been brightened up with some help from the hairdresser, so I love using Marilyn hair treatment to keep it shiny, bright and conditioned, with its lemon, chamomile & saffron infusions.


So yes there is a lot of Lush in my house and it’s very hard to resist when I’m in town to not pop in and pick up something else! Also the staff in my local Reading store are all so lovely and helpful. Like last week when a quick visit resulted in me bringing home a few more baths bombs to try and getting the comforter shower cream, having previously tried and loved their comforter bubble bar. As who doesn’t love a good hug!?!


When you can get amazing products like these, I can’t see any good reason to buy ones that cause unnecessary harm and suffering.

You can search to see if a company tests on animals here. You may be surprised by who still does test on animals including:

  • Avon
  • L’Oreal (Garner)
  • Proctor & Gamble (Herbal Essences)
  • Unilever (Dove)

There is good news, that the testing of cosmetics and toiletry products on animals was banned in the UK as of March 2013 and the sale of cosmetics whose ingredients have been tested on animals has been banned across the European Union. However, while many companies may comply with this ban in Europe, they are selling products in other markets that have been tested on animals. There is also no law on animal testing for household cleaning products, so many animals are still subject to inhumane experiments.

This is why I think it’s important to support companies that are committed to stopping animal testing and who go above and beyond to ensure they don’t test any ingredients on animals, or pay for anyone else to do the testing for them (as some companies can be very sneaky!)

Lush and Ecover (who I get all my cleaning & washing products from) are two such companies that have a real commitment to ensuring there is no animal testing in their supply chain and their buying power helps to persuade suppliers to stop animal testing also.

You may have seen the video that went viral of Jacqueline Traide, a 24 year old performance artist who spent ten hours being tortured in Lush’s Regent Street shop window as part of an animal rights campaign in partnership with Lush to raise awareness of what happens to lots of animals everyday. You can see more about it here.


I hope this might make you at least try an animal friendly product and I highly recommend Lush as a great place to start.




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