2016 Training and Nutrition plan

I’m now fully into the swing of my 2016 programme. I won’t lie that the first few weeks were hard work after giving my body a little but well earned rest over Christmas. But as the saying goes, train hard fight easy!

Training is looking like this with great Thames Valley TKD sessions, PT sessions with Marty Butler, classes at Nuffield Health and my own sessions:

Day Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
AM Footwork, agility & kick drills Cardio Marty PT session Patterns & shadow sparring Rest Rest day ITF England squad session
PM TKD technical class TKD fitness class TKD technical class TKD 121, BB & sparring class Marty PT session Rest day Rest



Thanks to guidance from Sylvia Sobota at Nurture Your Body my nutrition for the next few weeks is looking like this:

Breakfast Power Porridge
Mid-morning snack Bananas
Lunch Pulses/quinoa, veg & lentils/rice
Mid afternoon snack Homemade Muesli bar/energy balls
Pre training Apple
Post training Rice bread with PB/marmite or chia seed pudding



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