Great sparring seminar weekend with Russian World Champion Svetlana Metegina

On the 30th & 31st of January I spent the weekend at Didcot attending an ITF England sparring seminar with the Russian World Champion, Svetlana Metegina.


It was a fantastic seminar and I learned so much. I’ve taken lots of notes and am working on implementing the new techniques in my training. Including buying myself some tennis balls and ensuring I practise skipping backwards as well as forwards!

A huge thank you to ITF England for organising and to Svetlana and Elena for coming over from Russia. It was an honour to meet and train with both of you. Svetlana’s speed and accuracy of techniques was inspiring. Elena was a fantastic translator and also inspiring hearing about her amazing volleyball achievements including winning silver in the Olympics.

female team with Svetlana
ITF England females with Svetlana and Elena Godina

It was great to have several members of Thames Valley TKD come along also and I think they all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thank you again to Svetlana and Elena.




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