My two best fury friends

I’ve always loved animals and be lucky enough to grow up in a house filled with them! My parents have always had horses and dogs. The first pet they got my brother and I was a cat. They brought home two little black and white kittens. They were fairly wild as their mother was an outdoor farm cat. I called mine Sidney and he was a one in a million, soon becoming so tame he acted more like a dog than a cat!

Sidney lived a great long life and when I moved into my own place in Reading I knew I wanted a cat. As I’m often out the house early and back late, I knew I had to get two so that they could keep each other company while I was out. I also knew I wanted to adopt and give a home to two cats that really needed it. It took a long time to find my two and the process was quite involved, as the safe and sound team came round to interview me and check my house. But it was so worth it and eventually I brought home Ralph and Vaneloppe.

They are named after the film Wreck it Ralph and little did I know when I named them how much the names would suit them. Ralph doesn’t quite wreck everything but he is huge and very caring. He’s definitely the lazy one of the two and always in the house, or not far from it. As every time I drive in, he appears and hops up on the wall waiting for me to get out the car. While Vaneloppe is quite the opposite and just like the little girl racer in the movie. She is always out and about and unfortunatelyย gotten her into a bit of trouble, but I’m glad she has always managed heal up.ย She’s also soย tiny with such big eyes, she is the cutest little thing ever.

Together they are my two best mates and give the best cuddles!



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