2016 Nutrition plan part 2

I am very lucky to have an amazing nutritionalist, Sylvia Sobota at Nurture Your Body, who tailors my nutrition programme to just what my body needs to cut for the European Championships.NYB1

For the last few weeks I’ve been eating:

Breakfast Power Porridge (with the extra’s reduced a bit in quantity)
Mid-morning snack Carrots
Lunch Large raw salad, tofu or lentil soup
Mid afternoon snack Handful of mixed nuts
Pre training Smoothie with fruit and spinach
Post training Small raw salad, steamed broccoli or turmeric milk each with a Blueberry Active shot

My weight is coming down nicely and is all on schedule. My training schedule hasn’t changed much from my previous post, so that’s still going full strength. Here are the recordings from my Microsoft Band for a few of my sessions this week:



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