2016 English Open – medals all round!

On Saturday 19th March I went along to Guildford Spectrum to compete in the English Open Taekwon-Do championships. It was the first TKD comp of 2016 and the warm up for the upcoming Euros in April.

The day got off to a great start, winning gold in my 2nd Dan patterns division. I’m particularly proud of this as it’s my first gold medal in patterns since passing my 2nd Dan grading in September last year.

It was then a very long wait for the sparring competition and I had cut weight to compete in the -57kg division. It meant I had gone from being 62.6kg on the 7th Feb, to weighing in on the morning of the competition at 56.6kg! I am so lucky to have the amazing guidance of Sylvia Sobota at Nurture Your Body to guide my nutrition plans to make weight cutting so easy, PlantBased style!

I knew I would face tough competition and I gave it my all, but came home with the silver medal. However, as I’ve said before I never lose, I only win or learn. I will indeed learn from this and it’s only going to make me an even better fighter.

Finally it was power test and I literally did smash it, bringing home another silver medal and maybe a few cuts and bruises from the boards that weren’t too happy with me smashing them in half.


Sunday I was back again for the colour belt competition and had the privilege of coaching fellow Thames Valley TKD team mates. They all did amazingly and from what I could see the team was picking up medals left, right and centre!

So overall it was a good weekend, picking up medals in every division I entered. I also got a nice reminder thanks to the Facebook memories that pop up. It was a year ago I entered my first TKD comp after 7 years off – the 2015 English Open where I picked up a gold and two bronze medals. It just made me realise how much I have achieved in the short space of a year! With the highlights being my International European and World Championship medals and coming back to the English Open and this time picking up a gold and two silver medals. I am so excited for what I’ll achieve this year. Maybe at the English Open 2017 I’ll be bringing home three gold medals!!

one year
What a year it’s been from the English Open 2015 winning a gold and two bronzes, to then passing my 2nd Dan, picking up a European Silver, World bronze medal, numerous National medals and back at the English Open in 2016 picking up a gold and two silver medals! Oh and being the Reading Female Sport personality of the year!


For now, my focus is 100% on the European Championships in April. I’ll be training with the dedication, determination and tenacity I always do, to make the final tweaks and improvements to go out to Greece and smash it! http://ec2016.itf-taekwondo.gr/.

euros 2016

Thank you again to my amazing team, Sylvia Sobota at Nurture Your Body, Marty Butler my amazing PT and the whole Nuffield Health team, Master Whiteley and everyone at Thames Valley TKD and of course all my amazing sponsors: Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury for all the superfood goodness to fuel me, Better You for the highest quality magnesium my muscles could wish for, Veganicity for the top quality vitamins and minerals and Rocktape for making any little niggles or bruises so easy to deal with! You are all amazing 🙂

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