2016 European Championships results

The 2016 European Championship are all done, I have a bit of time to reflect and it’s going to be a championship that I will learn from, as while it didn’t go how I wanted it to, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

I was up first on the mats for 2nd Dan patterns and had been drawn against Russia. I knew it would be a tough round but I did the best patterns I have ever done and was very pleased to get one judges decision go my way, another drew us and three went to the Russian. She then went on to become the European Champion.

Next up was my individual sparring and I had a very tough opponent in Spain. We finished after two rounds at a draw and went to extra time. I did all I could but she took the final decision by a point or two. So I’ll hopefully have footage I can watch back and learn from. Then in team sparring we finished with a bronze.

The rest of the England squad did really well and brought home lots of medals including one of the junior Katie, coming home as European Champion in her sparring division after an amazing performance. So well done again to her and the rest of the squad.

Now back to working hard and looking at what I need to change before the next one! liverpool



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