I’ve now got OTE Sports fuel edge!

Thank you very much to OTE Sports for adding me to their ambassador programme.


Their products came highly recommend to me by the lovely PT and GB triathlete at my gym, Tom Baker.

As always I did a bit of research about the company and really like that OTE Sports brand has been created with a strong desire to do things better.  You can find out more here.

Their energy drinks, gels and hydro tabs are also vegan and I have so got their lemon and lime energy drink and multiple flavours of their energy gels. I also want to try their hydro tabs. But wanted to get the energy drink and gels first as the added carbohydrate in them will be perfect for giving me that extra energy boost at competitions!


They also have an amazing performance centre that I really hope to visit one day. As I do indeed have the desire that they recognise to be better than yesterday and maximise my training time to make the very best of it. In turn making every improvement possible I can to help me achieve my goals.

Thank you again OTE Sports!





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