I’m glad he always came back!

I’ve just finished reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “Total Recall” and I highly recommend it. He is indeed living an unbelievable life. In his own words from the book “what the odds are for an Austrian farm boy to come to America and become the greatest bodybuilding champion of all time, to get into the movie business, marry a Kennedy, and then get elected as governor of the biggest state of the United States.”


He might not be perfect, but then if we are honest none of us really are and while he says he never set out to be a role model, I think he makes a very good one and love his ten principles from the book, in particular the last three:

  • Change takes big balls
  • Take care of your body and your mind
  • Stay hungry

He changed the world of bodybuilding, made California and international leader in climate change and renewable energy and a national leader on health care reform and the fight against obesity. Again in his words from the book, he went from being the terminator to the “govenator.”

He is continuing his great work with the Chinese Government and director James Cameron (producer and director of The Terminator, Titanic and Avatar) encouraging Chinese people to eat less meat to help the environment with “Less Meat, Less Heat, More Life”. The video has certainly been doing the rounds on my Facebook feed and will hopefully have a much wider impact that just China.

See behind the scenes here.

In overview Chinese health officials are urging the nation’s 1.3 billion citizens to cut their meat consumption in half to prevent heart disease, diabetes and other diet-related illnesses, as well as help the environment.

Watch the full infographic from WildAid which explains the facts:

Hopefully the more awareness that can be raised, more and more people will start reducing and or stop consuming meat. In turn helping themselves be healthier and looking after the planet we like to call home.


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