First multi-terrain race went well!

I decided I needed to put something in my diary as a goal to aim for. I hadn’t been doing a lot of running but the Harting MT 10 mile race was local to my parents and popped up in my runners world search so I decided to enter it. It was also a good reason to get my Vegan Runners vest back on.

It was only till the night before, when I finally had time to look into the details of the race that I realised how hilly it was and that MT was short for multi-terrain. The lovely weather meant the route was very dry but that didn’t help the hills be any less tough! I made sure I had a big bowl of porridge with my @indigo_herbs super-food raw cacao powder & super vital power, seeds and @realfoodsource cacao nibs, chia seeds and goji berries topped with lots of fruit for breakfast. I also took two @otesportsgb gels with me. I had the pineapple caffeine gel just before the start and it was enough to keep me going all the way round, so highly recommend them!

Here is the report from my Microsoft Band showing the route, my pace, heart rate and estimate elevation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I finished the race feeling really good and was happy with my time of 1hr 18mins. However I didn’t expect to be placed for anything, especially as I had just been doing lots of HIIT and weights training sessions in the gym. So I was very surprised when I looked up the results and saw I was 66th overall and the 9th female:

Harting MTHarting MT results

I was then really happy when I got this delivered in the post for winning my age division!

Harting MT trophy

I’ve got a few more running races booked into the diary, with a mix of trail and road races. However this weekend I’m off on my bike for 60 miles round the Surrey Sportive!

Below are the results for the top 75 overall and I highly recommend anyone wanting to a glorious run that was very well organised, had beautiful views and will give you a good challenge, to enter the Harting MT race next year. You can see the full results here.

Harting MT 1-50Harting MT 51-75




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