Review of the Suunto Spartan watch

I’ve been testing the Suunto Spartan Ultra Titanium GPS Watch with HRM for the last week and I love it!


I previously used the Microsoft Band and first wanted to test them both side by side. So as anyone would, I decided to take them out for a hill sprints session. The results speak for themselves. I was always confused why the Band thought my HR dropped during the hill sprints as that was indeed when I was working my hardest. It was pretty clear I wouldn’t be going back to the Band if I wanted accurate results for my sessions:

I’ve also put the watch through running, cycling, swimming (as it’s waterproof to 100m) & plenty of gym sessions and it’s been great. It has a huge number of sport models so will cover pretty much whatever you want to do. When paired with the Movescount app the watch gives you great analysis immediately from your phone on your training sessions and how hard you are working. Perfect motivation to work harder.

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The Movescount website then gives a great overview of your training calendar, hours for each exercise and the HR zones you have been working in. Which for me is no surprise it’s lots of sessions mainly in the “very hard” HR zone!

The touch screen is nice and receptive and the face is easy to read outside in the sunshine. I haven’t used the navigation function yet, but am looking forward to trying it and doing some more exploring in the sunshine.

When paired with the Movescount app on your phone it also becomes a smart watch, so there really isn’t much it doesn’t do.

It’s a bit chunkier than some of the other Suunto watches, but with all the technology in it and 26 hours of training mode battery life, it’s amazing what has been fitted in. The titanium version comes in two options – titanium or all black. You can then get the Spartan Ultra in black or white. There is also the Spartan Sport, which the main difference is that it only has 16 hours of battery in training mode. But that’s still enough time to complete an Ironman! It also comes in black, white, blue or Sakura/Pink. I’m far from a girly girl but when it comes to my hair, wardrobe and watches, I do love being colourful and in particular pink! So as my next longest event is only an 80 mile sportive and I won’t be doing an Ironman – well not this year anyway. I decided the Suunto Spartan Sport Sakura with HR monitor is the one for me! You can see them all here.

Overall, whichever Suunto Spartan you choose I think you will be very happy with it.

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