Maidenhead Half Marathon results

No. 1 learning from this race is that half marathons require dedicated sport specific training. Which I may not have done for this, however I did catch up with several Reading Roadrunners. So I’ll going back to training with them and trying to keep up with them round the track.

But I did complete the Maidenhead half marathon and within the target I set myself. With the lack of distance running I’ve been able to get in prep, I knew chasing my old PB of 1hr 32mins was unrealistic. However I wanted to finish within 1hr 30 something and when the 1hr 40min pace maker appeared at my side at mile 8, let just say I started to have to work hard and that’s when it got a bit painful. I was very glad I had an extra OTE Sports gel in my pocket to give me an extra boost at that point too. My legs might have been screaming for the last 4-5 miles but I did it, crossing the line in 1:39:56.9 and of course proudly representing Vegan Runners UK. Placing 33rd in my age category, 47th overall female and 376th overall👍🌱✅🏃

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Here are the race analytics from my Suunto Spartan Sport watch and Movescount app. It was nice to see I kept a fairly consistent pace until the end when my legs started to complain and had to be told to work harder to keep going.

MHM Suunto analysis

Thank you Purple Patch Running for having Livity Kitchen at the race village. I devoured my delicious wrap and the cake only just survived till I got home! It was so nice to have a vegan option for post-race refueling and of course it’s always nice to have cake.

MHM cake

With the slight side effects of a half marathon and having an 80 mile sportive tomorrow, I’ve had several baths of Better You magnesium flakes and been covering my legs in their magnesium oil daily. Its been great at helping my muscles recover and feel ready for lots of cycling tomorrow.

MHM recovery






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