Reading O2O 10k results

On Sunday 2nd Oct I took part in the Purple Patch running Reading O2O 10k race round the Thames Valley Park fields and Thames path.

Having been away on holiday on plan was just to see what I could do. However thanks to Facebook for showing me it’s reminders of things you have done this day X number of years ago, it kindly reminded me 4 years ago when I last ran this race I came third in a time of just over 43mins. So I wanted to ideally get round in under 45mins.


I didn’t quite manage that but wasn’t too far over, crossing the line in 45.57.8, earning me 6th place in my age category, 11th female across the line and 70th overall.


To get in the medals next year I’ll have to look at going under 40mins though, looking at the winning times from this years race:


As always I was proudly wearing my Vegan Runners UK vest

Purple Patch Reading 10k 2016 by #SussexSportPhotography 9:17:00 AM


Looking through the results from my Suunto Spartan Sport it was good to see my pace remained fairly consistent. It’s clear I’m still better at road running as I got faster when we were off the grass and onto the Thames path, even with it being when there was a little hill in the course. The last couple of minutes trying to keep up my pace across the field home was very hard work though, which was very evident by my +190 heart rate!

But it was good to be up and out running. In prep for my upcoming duathlon I cycled to and from the race. It was only a couple of miles each way, from west Reading, through town centre and out to Thames Valley Park. The added bonus was on route home I stopped off at Lush and treated myself to some new bath bombs to pop one into my post race recovery bath with Better You magnesium flakes.


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