65 miles of continuous hills – aka the Box Hill sportive

On Sunday 9th Oct I took part in the Cycling Weekly Box Hill Sportive.


Having done the Surrey Hill’s Sportive, I’d been up a few of the hills before. However on the Box Hill sportive they seemed to find a course that was just hill after hill, as you can see from the altitude read out by my Suunto Sport watch.


When we got to Box Hill it felt easy in comparison with some of the previous ones! However it did have the best view from the top.

I was hoping to keep the same pace I’ve been doing round previous sportives, but didn’t quite factor in the hills and maybe the effect of going on a 10 mile run the day before (as that was prep for my upcoming duathlon) so as you can see my pace was all over the pace. Finally crossing the finish line 5 hours after I started and getting a nice medal while doing so!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So if you want a hilly cycle with some beautiful views, I highly recommend this one.

Going up oneΒ of the many hills!




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