Big Southwester 2016 – The Transcendental Journey

On the 4th Nov I headed down to Falmouth in Cornwall for the Big Southwester 2016 Spinning® event – The Transcendental Journey.

The definition of which is “A transcendental experience, event, object, or idea is extremely special and unusual and cannot be understood in ordinary ways.” I had never experienced a Spinning® event before and the definition of this one was very accurate. I’ve done lots of indoor cycling classes before that may have been called “Spinning”, but the real and original Spinning® experience is very special indeed. The quality of instructors, the rides that were amazing stories with fantastic music can only really be understood by experiencing them!

The day started early on the 5th at Falmouth University as we arrived to a hall full of beautiful Precor Spinning® bikes ready for us to all do lots of hours Spinning® on. We were mainly using the Rally and Shift models, with the Ride model available for anyone that wanted to try it. There was also a mix of chain and fusion drive bikes, so something for everyone.

The first ride was the sixth sense by Cat Booker. We went through the five main human senses to warm up and you will just have to experience the ride to find out what the 6th sense is! Then it was onto the Apocalypse ride by Laura Phillips and Pru Comben where we beat the zombies to save the world. Then it was Mel Chambers Dragon Rider where we kept on fighting alongside our dragons to defeat evil. Then a bit more survival practice, with the overcoming adversity ride by Neil Fitton and Brian Greene with some tough interval sections. Then it was party time with Clubland II by Mel Chambers and Cat Booker where we went round the Ibiza super-clubs. Then we all recovered and cooled down with the Transcendence ride by Mel Chambers.

The Spinner® bike was born from the road and engineered to match the geometry of a real road bike and 6 hours of Spinning® later, it really did fell like I had been out of the road, escaping zombies, riding alongside dragons, sprinting down the road and having a party!

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After all that, it was off to a local restaurant for a meal with the Spinning® team. Then Sunday morning the sunshine came out to enjoy the views along the coastline.

Big Southwester will be back the same time next year. This time at Carnglaze Cavers for The Emergence and a rave in a cave. I can’t wait! You can reserve yourself a bike here and see a video of what to expect here.


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