I recently got my first TRIBE pack. After going through the selection questions on their website about what kind of athlete I am, it selected that the best pack for me was a balanced one. This meant it had three energy products and three recovery ones.


You can see all their products that are vegan here, which includes the blaze trails bars, trail mixes, mineral boosting seeds mixes and the goji berry & coconut Tribe 10 bar. Since ordering my first pack, I’ve found out how to specify which products get selected for my pack through the “Design your Tribe Pack” section of the account page. So next time all my bars will be vegan and the guys at the gym will just have to order their own pack if they want some again!

Few days after ordering my pack it arrived. I added the smokey turmeric mineral boosting seed mix to my morning power porridge and then had the cacao and orange blaze trail bar later that day to keep me going through a busy trade show. Both were great with the turmeric not being too overpowering in the porridge and then I love anything chocolaty! Later that week I had the sour cherry and buckwheat blaze trails bar before my PT session. It was delicious and gave me a good energy boost for the session. If you want to try some, you can get your first pack for £1 using the code “TRIBESAMANTHA34”.


I wanted to try these bars as they looked to be high quality performance sports nutrition products made from natural ingredients – which is surprisingly hard to come by! When reading more info about them and how their journey began in 2013 after they ran 1,000 miles in 30 days across Eastern Europe to raise awareness for child trafficking, it made me want to find out more. There is loads of content on their blog so I’ll be having a good read through that. I’m also hoping to join in with one of their TRIBE freedom runs to help fight against human trafficking. There are 10k runs or 40k cycles going on every hour all over the country on the 10th-11th Dec. Check out their facebook if you want to join in too.




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