2016 has been a crazy year

It’s been a crazy year indeed with highs and some bad lows. But I tried to remind myself that:

So I think it was just the universe giving me the shake up I needed to make some important changes.

Of which I made two big ones. First I got out of the environment that was making me unhappy and moved away from martial arts. This gave me more time to consider everything else going on in my life and the opportunity to align my passion for sport with my professional life. So it was fond farewells to Microsoft along with some tearful goodbyes to the lovely people there, especially those that I trained with. As I moved to Amer Sports to join the Precor team as the UK Marketing Manager. It’s been a whirlwind six months but I’m loving it.

In the process I’d got back into running. I had really enjoyed it at Uni, so maybe not surprising I got back into it again. I loved getting outside into the fresh air and freedom of having no-one around and just my music playing. I then decided to pull my mountain bike out and go exploring even more miles into the countryside. This soon turned into purchasing a road bike and going on some very long bike rides. My change in jobs meant I was now going to Nuffield Health in Farnborough which had a pool. So what started out as active recovery sessions doing a bit of swimming up and down, I’m now really enjoying. So you guessed it the idea of competing in a triathlon was in my head.

By the time I felt ready for a triathlon the season was ending. However I packed in a lot of races and a tough duathlon this year in preparation:

Date Race Distance Time Results
15th May Royal Berkshire 10k 10km 44mins 7th age cat, 10th female
4th June The Hurt 10km 1hr 1min 7th female, 39th overall
7th Aug Harting MT race 10miles 1hr 18mins 1st age cat, 9th overall female
14th Aug Surrey Sportive 60miles 4hrs 1st female, 14th overall
28th Aug Englefield XC 10k 10km 48mins 3rd age cat, 4th overall female
4th Sept Maidenhead XC half 13.1miles 1hr 39mins 33rd age cat, 47th overall female
11th Sept Bike Oxford 80miles 5hrs 34mins N/A
2nd Oct Reading O2O 10km 45mins 6th age cat, 11th overall female
9th Oct Boxhill Sportive 65miles 5hrs Bronze time category
23rd Oct Water of Life half 13.1miles 1hr 43mins 5th age cat, 10th overall female
29th Oct Devils Punch Sportive 51miles 3hrs 18mins Gold time category
12th Nov Boxhill Ballbuster Duathlon 40miles (8mile run, 24mile cycle, 8mile run) 4hrs 5mins (1hr 5mins, 1hr 44mins, 1hr 12mins) 6th age cat, 22nd overall female
3rd Dec Grim Original 8miles 1hr 5mins 143rd overall
4th Dec Mapledurham XC 10 10miles 1hr 23mins 4th age cat, 14th overall female
31st Dec Gut Buster XC 10miles  1hr 28mins  7th age cat, 20th overall female
Totals: 385miles 41hrs 18mins

With my Suunto Spartan Sport I can also analyse the hours training that went in alongside those events (albeit only from late Oct when I got the watch):



All the different types of training I’ve done:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can also see how my pace has increased over various distances:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then for 2017 I’ve got multiple triathlons entered. Typical me I haven’t gone for the easy option, entering ones that go up mountains and a half ironman distance. I’ve found a duathlon and short triathlon as little tests and trial runs before the main events:

Thank you so much to the amazing companies who have continued to support me through their ambassador programmes:

  • Better You with their amazing quality transdermal magnesium to help my muscles recover from 385 miles I’ve raced over the last 8 months and the many more training miles and hours.
  • Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury with their delicious ethical premium quality super-foods to keep me fueled through all those hours and miles.
  • Veganicity for their high quality supplements giving me all the vitamins and minerals I needed.
  • OTE Sports for providing me essential energy and hydration to get through the training and races.
  • Rocktape the best quality kinesiology tape when my body needed a bit of extra help to keep going.
  • And last but certainly not least the amazing Sylvia Sobota at Nurture your Body for helping fix my mind and body while also being an amazing friend.


Now to bring on 2017!




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