GutBuster Busted

Because what else would you want to do on New Years Eve apart from go and run a very muddy 10 miles across the countryside around Mortimer – aka the My Sporting Times GutBuster winter trail run.


It really was very muddy, so I was very happy I got myself some Salomon trail shoes in the work sale. I’m not a huge fan of running on slippery mud, as I think was quite clear from some of the early photos taken!


I thought the course was fairly flat but got that wrong. Along with also drinking too many cups of tea before the start and had to hop over a gate to hide behind a bush for a quick pee break – opps:


So overall I was fairly happy with the pace I managed to keep up and I was working hard the whole way round:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was very happy I got out in the mud and was 7th in my age category, 20th overall female and 132nd overall, of course proudly wearing my Vegan Runners vest.



The likelihood is I’ll be back again later this year, as having now done several of My Sporting Times events I highly recommend them!



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