Finally joined the Parkrun party!

Listening to the radio today they were talking about things you have been late to the party to. For me that is definitely Parkrun. Last weekend I finally got myself down to Reading Parkrun. It was great fun and well worth giving up my normal Saturday lie in for!

I’m hoping that getting some quick 5k’s in will help speed up my 10k and half marathon times. For my 1st attempt I got round in 23.31mins:ย my-resultsI was back again this weekend and managed to take 16 seconds off my time. Which wasย mainly helped by the course being more of mix of mostly frozen mud compared to the week before:parkrun-2-resultsLooking at my Suunto Spartan Sport I can compare my paces for each and see how I managed to keep it more consistent this weekend. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to keep up the fast pace of the start!paceparkrun-2-pace

Parkrun is for everyone, whether like me you want to use it as a test and push yourself or just enjoy getting outside on a Saturday morning for some fresh air.


You can find your local Parkrun here.


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