Getting a professional bike fit

Having cycled over 250 miles worth of Sportives and countless training miles since getting my road bike in August, with my triathlon goals this year I was advised to get a professional bike fit. Athlete Service in Henley came highly recommended and I can now see why. Everyone working there was a top level athlete, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.Β athlete_service_00After a cup of tea and a chat about what I was looking to do on the bike – mainly triathlons and hilly ones in particular. Rob got to work making huge improvements to my bike including:

  • Changing the saddle to one that would give me better support and mean I could get rid of the gel seat cover which had the habit of sliding all over the place
  • Moving the seat position higher and further forward
  • Shortening my handlebar attachment
  • Leveling my handlebars
  • Adding my tri bars

Which overall meant I was no longer overextending and having my wrists at a funny angle. I will have re-teach myself that I can relax my shoulders and elbows, putting more of my weight over the pedals now I can be in a much better position.

Here is a picture from a previous sportive with my old set up where the idea of having my hands on the hoods was impossible:


I can’t wait to get out on the roads and see the difference the new set-up makes. I did a very easy recovery session on the turbo that evening and it felt a lot more comfortable. Β My next sportive “The Rocket” is in two weeks so will see how I get on and hopefully improve a lot on my previous average speed of 15mph.


Thank you again Rob for all your help and advice.


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