Got treated on my birthday!

My family and friends were very kind to me on my birthday. Along with going out for some delicious dinners they gave me lots of new training kit.


It didn’t take long after getting the idea of doing a triathlon into my head to find out how much kit is needed. But now I feel like I’ve got all the gear and hopefully a little bit of an idea!

My new KITBRIX bag went to use straight away. I used to have a massive black sports bag (that other gym members have commented looks like a body bag). It fitted everything in but things also went mysteriously missing in it sometimes, while now everything has it’s place and I can be more organised for my training sessions each day.

I love being outdoors, but I don’t really like being cold. Which is why I love my new dryrobe and it was perfect at the XC race this weekend. Keeping me nice and warm after the race while we watched the Reading Roadrunner guys race round the course.

Swim training is new for me and now I’ll be able to add some paddle and pull buoy drills to my training to hopefully improve my technique and pace.

My old trainers have served me well, but since I’ve had my daily ones and racing flats for probably about 5 years. Now they are getting regular use they needed to be replaced. My old racing flats were asics so I knew I liked their shoes. After getting on the analysis treadmill, they told me I’m now a neutral runner, which is an improvement as I used to underprontate. I think it’s because I’ve been doing all my gym training for the last few years in barefoot shoes. I’ve been for a few runs in my new dynaflyte’s and they are really comfy, with a good amount of cushioning and still fairly lightweight. To replace my racing flats Alton Sports recommended I try Hoka OneOne’s – in particular their claytons. They are a different design to shoes I’ve previously used. They look like they have loads of cushioning under the heel, however they are still really lightweight and lighter than my old racing flats. They had their first outing at this weeks track session and felt good, encouraging me to keep proper form and stay on my toes rather than get lazy and strike with my heels first.Β Designed by ultra marathon runners, hopefully these will be perfect for all my races.

Thank you again to everyone for the lovely presents!



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