Hampshire Athletics Cross Country league

Last weekend I took part in my first ever cross country league race. As expected there were loads of very smart runners in shorts and vests/cross tops. The temperature was well under 5 degrees so I was in a lot more layers of clothing, but did have my Reading Roadrunners vest on for it’s first outing (which my mum kindly sewed my Vegan Runners UK badge on).


This race is normally the last in the Hampshire Athletics Cross Country league and was held at Staunton Country Park. The senior, veteran and under 20 women’s race was up 4th, starting at 1.35pm. Overall I came 47th in a time of 30:06mins. Well behind the winners, but it gives me lots to work on to get faster.


resultsThe course was 6.5km, and while my watch said it was slightly shorter, going round all three laps felt like it was longer. I then forgot to stop my watch as I crossed the line, so with the muddy rocky route I was fairly happy with my average pace and hopefully by this race next year I’ll be going much faster!

suuntoDue to being re-organised I’ll also be able to take part in another league race at Prospect Park on March 4th.


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