Windsor Duathlon Series Olympics distance done

On the 19th Feb, I went over to Dorney Lake to take part in the F3 Windsor Series standard distance duathlon. Which involved a 10km run, 40km cycle and 5km run.


It was a very flat course with lots of laps to keep count of: 4 laps for the first run, 8 laps on the bike (each very windy across the open side of the lake) and then 2 laps on the final run.

As I hadn’t done a duathlon in a while I tried to keep it steady ish for the first run, work on the cycle and then just try and keep my legs moving on the final run. They felt like jelly but were moving surprisingly well.

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Resulting in me finishing in 02:28:19 doing the:

  • 10km run in 00:46:39
  • 40km cycle in 01:16:54
  • 5km run in 00:23:20.

Resulting in me coming 2nd in my age categoryΒ (25-29) and 6th female overall.

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After all that I was sure to have a long hot bath filled with Better You magnesium flakes and then using their goodnight magnesium spray to help my muscles recover better and to get a good nights sleep.

better you flakes and goodnight spray.PNG




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