I’m a triathlete!

On the 9th March I took part in the Green Park Sprint Triathlon, which involved a 400m pool swim, 20k bike and 5k run.


It was my first ever triathlon and even though I have done each of the individual elements quite a few times and several duathlons, I was still quite nervous. But thankfully I had the support of my coach and his wife. We went through the entry and exit of the transition zones so that I was clear where I was going – as I can be rather good at getting lost!

The swims were in waves with four people to a lane. I was in one of the later waves as I put my predicted time down as 8mins. Good news is I can go faster than I thought, just had a few bumps while getting round people. After a 00:07:07 swim, it was then onto the bike for four laps of the park. Which I got round in 00:33:10, rerack the bike, trainers on and off on jelly legs for two more laps of the park to complete the 5k run in 00:20:14. Finishing in a total time of 01:01:54.

my results print

Looking at the recording from my watch I think the course was a little bit shorter, with a 10.56mile cycle and a 2.81mile run. Which makes my times a bit more realistic!

Though I do know I worked hard the whole way round and it showed with my average heart rate of 173bpm andย reaching a max of 187bpm!


I was pretty pleased with the speed I managed to maintain with an average pace of 18.9mph on the bike and then 7.12mins/mile on the run, however my legsย really did suffer on that run!


Overall I was really happy that I completed my first triathlon and the icing on the cake was that I won the individual female event and came 20th overall including the male relay teams!


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Looking forward to my next triathlon now!


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