Back again for the Windsor Duathlon

On the 19th March I was back again at Dorney Lake for the Windsor Duathlon event No. 3 in their series. I was going to do the standard distance again, but after being away all week in Blackpool setting up the Spinning Showcase, my coach decided it would be best to do the Sprint distance. This involved a 5k run, 20km cycle and 5k run. So just two laps to run, four laps to cycle and two more laps to run – at least it would be easier to keep count this time!


My official times were:

  • First 5k run in 00:23:07
  • 20k cycle in 00:40:37
  • Final 5k run in 00:23:29.

These times were on a par with my last standard duathlon, however the wind was out in force this time. In particular on the cycle the headwind hit you hard, so I think I’ve made improvements on my cycle. I was also 8 seconds quicker on T1 and 4 seconds quicker on T2, so practice is paying off.


suuntoactivity change

I may not have had to go as far this time, but it was just as much hard work and my average  heart rate was 172, reaching a peak of 183 as I pushed to the finish.HR

When examining my times I could see how much effect the wind made. As my speed on the bike out of the main win was over 21mph and then in the headwind I was down to 15mph. pace and speed

My placing were not quite as good as I achieved in the standard last time. But I don’t remember seeing a load of people in GB tri suits at that event. So I was very happy with my result of coming 3rd in my age category, 14th female and 48th overall.

age cat resultsfemale results

Huge congratulations to my training partner Cathie, who won her age category and came 2nd overall in the super sprint distance – such an inspiration!

Cathie 1st


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