Legs are speeding back up!

On Bank Holiday Friday 14th, what else who I do with a day off except going and having fun doing a race – the Maidenhead Easter 10 to be exact.

I last did this race when I was on placement in Reading in 2011 and I completed it in a time of 01:15:15, but the main thing I remembered was the beautiful views running through the countryside.

2011 results

The route was still just as picturesque and I beat my course record – getting round in 01:12:53, coming 11th in my age category, 35th overall female and 246th overall. So the guidance from my coach is working and my legs are speeding back up again and hopefully will continue to get faster!17-1-2-MK4_0320-HiResImage

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Looking over the results from my Suunto Spartan Sport I could see that my average pace was 7:16min/mile. My average HR was up at 172bpm, but it felt fairly comfortable. Which is why I was then able to push the pace for the last mile and sprint the final straight – however that did hurt a bit! I’l now be aiming for more consistent 7min miles.

suunto.PNGsuunto overview

After the race I had a session with the amazing Sylvia Sobota at Nurture Your Body. As that was only the start of the weekends activities. With a double hills session on Sunday aka one set on the bike and another set running and a long bike ride on Monday, several baths full of Better You magnesium flakes certainty helped me get through it all.


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