Third Tri Trophy!

On the 1st May Bank holiday, I headed over to Fleet for my third triathlon, this time at the Hart Leisure Centre. It was again a Sprint Tri, with a 400m pool swim, 20k cycle and 5k run (however the run was 5.6km).

The cycle and run were round the countryside on an undulating course:

speed and altitude and distancemap

My swim was faster than last time coming in at 07:09. I was happy with my average pace of 19.7mph on the bike giving me a 37:11 cycle and my average pace of 7:03min/mile on the run giving me a 24:34 run, resulting in an overall time of 01:10:16.

Which earned me another age category win, 9th female overall and 66th overall.

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Looking through my splits times, I need to keep improving my swim, as I was 5th after that. Then my bike and run pulled me back up through the ranks.

rb part1rb part2

Overall another good fun triathlon!

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