Putting my Vegan Runners top back on

I’ve been mixing things up a bit recently with my training, mainly having fun in the classes at the Nuffield gym (in particular the GRIT ones) and in my PT sessions with Marty, where he has given me some really gruelling circuits.

I haven’t been doing much running, but several months ago I entered the Royal Berkshire 10k and didn’t want to waste my entry, so I decided to still run it. My time was several mins slower than what I used to get round a 10k in, but still respectable enough at 44.27mins and I ended up 7th in my division!

It was also quite fun, so last weekend, I did a little search on Runners World through their events and found the Hurt race over at Peaslake in Guildford. I hadn’t done many trail races before but the name and the hills sounded like a good challenge so I entered.

Come Sat morning the alarm went off at 6am and I woke up thinking I really must be mad! But off I went and I’m so glad I did. The course was beautiful and yes the hills were indeed steep! But I got round in 1.01.49 and ended up again 7th in my division!

My legs are aching a bit more than normal, but I’m having great fun going out and doing these races and proudly wearing my Vegan Runners UK vest!

When sat in my bath filled with Better You magnesium flakes and a Lush green bubbleroon, to try and minimise the muscle aches and makes me smell better! I watched this TEDx Talk from Anna McNuff and it really inspired me. I’ve been wanting to go to NZ for a long time and the Te Araroa trail sounds amazing. Not sure I’ll go running the length of it, but who knows what my next adventure might be!





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