2016 Nutrition plan part 3 – I’m a lean green fighting machine!

It’s now less than a week to the English Open and my weight is all on point, as you can see from my most recent note on the weight board and I really am feeling like a lean green fighting machine!

For the last week I’ve been eating the following and drinking LOTS of water:

Breakfast Power Porridge (with the extra’s reduced a bit in quantity)
Mid-morning snack Celery with a carrot every other day
Lunch Large raw salad
Mid afternoon snack Apple or a pear
Pre 2nd training session Smoothie with parsley and a banana
Post training 2 brazil nuts, 2 almonds, cup of turmeric milk & a Blueberry Active shot

My training schedule still hasn’t changed much and is only reducing this week to one session a day Mon-Wed and then resting from Thursday. Here are the recordings from my Microsoft Band for a few of my latest sessions:

Thanks again to the amazing Sylvia Sobota at Nurture your Body for sorting my nutrition plan as well as all the amazing holistic treatment work she does for me. Also to Marty Butler my amazing PT at Nuffield Health for putting me through my paces every session and helping me to continue to improve. Along with of course everyone at Thames Valley TKD.


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